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It’s time to start looking at your possible options if you are looking for a job. Fortunately, we are no longer limited to the career section of our local newspaper or work agencies. Nowadays, job searches are more and more via specialized websites and mainly via the best job sites.

What are the best job sites in Canada?

Monster is one of the best recognized job sites in the world. It is regularly ranked among the 20 most visited sites on the Internet. What many people do not realize about Monster.com is that it’s much more than just a job search site.

In addition to the opportunity to search for a job and submit a resume, Monster.com offers a Career Advice section. In this section, you’ll find a self-assessment area that offers strategies for getting your first interview. He offers a paying assistant when writing the cover letter. He also offers you advice on how to prepare and pass his job interview.

In addition to all the career advice, one of the most interesting features of Monster.com is its “Job Fair” calendar. This calendar allows you to search for upcoming job fairs in your city. Trade fairs and job fairs are indeed very interesting for any jobseeker, it is an opportunity to meet potential employers.

In 2007, BusinessWeek cited CareerBuilder as one of the best job sites to start a career.

CareerBuilder.com is very similar to Monster.com. A free review of your resume is possible. The site also offers a careerTV section for a possible video search by category.

Workopolis is considered one of the best job and career sites in Canada. This job search site offers thousands of job postings per day.

With a rich list of qualified career counselors, Workopolis.com offers the opportunity to seek the advice of an expert regardless of your question. The site also offers advice on networking, motivation, negotiation, etc.

JobShark is recognized as one of the top 25 Internet companies in Canada and Profit Magazine ranked it among the 50 fastest growing companies in Canada. There is no doubt that this is a successful company, and therefore one of the best job sites in Canada.

One of the best features of JobShark.com is that when registering, all job seekers must complete a skills profile. JobShark then uses the information to perform a profile search. It selects the job that best matches the jobseeker’s skills, experience, salary expectations, and so on. JobShark.com automatically emails the complete description of any suitable positions to all the most qualified candidates.

Jobboom is also one of Canada’s best and most popular job sites. In addition to looking for a job, it offers a Career section that can be used by any jobseeker for maximum profit. Jobboom.com also offers advice on career planning and work-related problem solving. The site also offers a “Survival Guide” section that offers valuable tips on stress management, career change, resume writing, interview preparation.

The job search in this site is possible by, besides the keywords, sector of activity and region. This is a very handy feature especially since the site has thousands of employers in its database.

It’s up to you to hit the bricks now to find the job you need!

It is important to remember before embarking on a tedious job search that in addition to simple search, there are various sites offering assistance and personalized advice to guide you in your research and assist you in the construction of your professional career . Try to make the most of the best job sites presented to quickly get the job of your dreams. Good luck!

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