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Economic crisis, unemployment, competitive job market are all factors that influence the choice of university programs to follow. Young people are often perplexed between the choice of the heart and the reason, between what they like and what can guarantee them a job.
To help you make a decision, here is a list of the top ten university programs. The ranking is done according to a statistical study of the “Higher education agency”. They are based on the number of respondents who find a job or who continue their education within six months of graduation.

What are then the top ten university programs to get a job?
10. Physical sciences
89.9% of all physical science graduates in 2010/2011 had either found a job or completed in-service training within six months of graduation.

9. Mathematical Sciences
Mathematicians are clearly in demand. 89.9% of recent graduates in 2010/2011 had found a job or continuing education position.

8. Historical and philosophical studies
Incredible but true, 90.1% of graduates in historical and philosophical studies in 2010/2011 have landed a job or continuing education. They do well in front of students who have completed university programs in engineering, architecture and computer science.

7. Languages
Speaking another language is a much needed skill in the job market. 90.3% of language graduates in 2010/2011 were successful in finding a job.

6. Biological sciences
The study of the biological sciences is a very vast and much sought-after area, especially with related industries. 90.9% of recent graduates in 2010/2011 found a job or continuing education.

5. Agriculture and related topics
Agriculture is increasingly associated with university programs. Graduates in agriculture are more and more in demand. 91.3% of students graduating in 2010/2011 found work.

4. Right
Attending university studies and law programs has always been a career guarantee. Prestige and good remuneration are at the rendezvous. 91.9% of young graduates in 2010/2011 were able to find a job.

3. Topics related to medicine
This category includes degrees such as biomedical science and neurology. 94% of graduates in 2010/2011 landed a job.

2. Education
We have and we will always need teachers. This is what this statistic demonstrates. 94.8% of graduates in 2010/2011 found employment or training.

1. Medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine
Predictably, medicine is at the forefront of academic programs that guarantee a professional career. Indeed, 99.4% of graduates in 2010/2011 find a job either in a health facility or by opening their own practices or continuing their studies.

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